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iHerb Rewards is an easy and rewarding way to share your favorite iHerb products with others while giving new customers an extra 5% online discount. In return, you will receive 5% Rewards credit from both new or current iHerb customers and 10% if they shop house brands.

You can use these Rewards credits to shop at iHerb. Each month over 50,000 iHerb customers receive partial or full credit on their iHerb orders.

Easy to Start

First Sign in to your account and accept the terms. Then go to your favorite product, category page, or create a shopping cart of your favorite products. Click on the button at the top-right corner of the page to share your custom link with your unique Rewards code. First-time customers will instantly get a 5% discount. In return, you will get 5% credit for both new or current iHerb customers, and 10% credit for house brands.

Share Shopping Cart

Create ideal shopping carts containing multiple products and different quantities of each, and share them with others using a short URL. A great opportunity for our international customers to share perfect shopping carts based on their previous experience as iHerb offers free or deeply discounted international shipping for orders of $40 or more. Once you are logged into your account and have created the cart, click on .

Share Orders

Share previous orders by going to your order history, and then click on .

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my own Rewards code to share with others?

You will first need to create an iHerb account then complete your first order on iHerb. Guest accounts cannot participate in the Rewards program. After your order is placed, we will provide you with a unique Rewards code, which you can then access at Rewards Overview.

How do I earn Rewards credit?

To earn Rewards credits, new or existing customers must complete an order using your Rewards code or link. Once the order is complete, you will receive 5% of their order as Rewards credit and 10% on house brands. It will have a Pending status for 30 days and will then become Available to use for 180 days.

Is there a maximum to how much in Rewards I can earn?

There is no limit to the amount of Rewards that are available to earn under the program.

How is the sale attributed?

In the industry, this is referred to as “last click” and is the most common form of attributing referred orders. Your Rewards code must be entered in the shopping cart, or must be in the URL you share to properly attribute the order to you.

How can I promote my code?

The iHerb Rewards program is a customer referral program to share with friends and family. Posting your Rewards code on coupon sites or using paid search to increase your referrals is prohibited.