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Posted by iHerb Customer on October 27 2013 | Verified Purchase

I was researching holistic remedies for colds, viruses, bacterial infections, oral health, intestinal parasites and candida. When I purchased oil of oregano, I began using 1-3 drops in empty vegetable capsules (purchased at Whole Foods)mixed with a few drops of grapeseed oil (you can use other carrier oils). It's been about two weeks and my stomach doesn't feel so bloated and uncomfortable. I also try to stay away from wheat and gluten, but that alone didn't help my stomach. I've also started taking Bluebonnet chelated magnesium capsules, as well as Thorne vit. D/K2 blend. My daughter recently got a bad cold and cough, so I blended one drop of oil of oregano with a few drops of marula oil, then rubbed on the soles of her feet at night to help with the deep coughing. I also rubbed it on her chest, then gave her one of my homemade capsules during the day to kill the virus internally. There are so many uses for oregano oil and I put one drop in a small cup of my mouthwash (Now Foods Xyliwhite Cinnafresh)to help with the yucky white tongue and fuzziness. I think it's also helping with deep tonsil stones that can cause bad breath. Yes, the oil of oregano is very potent and it burns my mouth, but I keep rinsing with water and it goes away shortly. Try not to get it on your lips because my lips felt burned and kept peeling for days. My teenage son has been battling acne on his forehead this past year and he was soooo frustrated! We dilute 1-2 drops of oil of oregano with several drops of water, then he uses a Q-tip and dabs it on his acne. The acne seems to be healing. Further, my son had excess sebum on his scalp and his hair always looked oily (even after daily washes and quality shampoo) so we put a few drops of oil of oregano in a trial size bottle of shampoo. After the first use, he no longer has oily hair or scaly scalp! I was so excited for him! I highly recommend looking up all the wonderful uses for oil of oregano! I'm so glad I found this!

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The Natural Antimicrobial

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 18 2006 | Verified Purchase

Doing research on the web, I was impressed by the activity of oregano oil against a number of pathogens. There are a fair number of in vivo studies which lend strong support to oregano being a powerful germicidal agent. The NOW Foods oregano oil is as high quality as any oregano oil you can find anywhere. NOW indicated to me that their undiluted oil (this product) is indentical to the oil that goes into their other oregano oil product, which is diluted with olive oil. That makes this one an excellent value. Use caution, as the oil is undiluted and VERY potent.

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Strong Stuff

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 23 2007 | Verified Purchase

This is the straight stuff and so reasonably priced. Couldn't get more powerful. Dilute with olive oil if you use on a large area of skin to get rid of fungus. It really worked and quick.

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Best oregano oil and so strong!!

Posted by tinatherese on March 9 2013 | Verified Purchase

It is 100% which is rare to find, and to THIS price, it's great!! I use it on burns that have blemishes (works excellent on 2nd degree burns) but don't try it on open wounds and remember to dilute it in olive oil before use. I use it around my kids ears (NOT inside) when they have ear aches and I put a drop in water to gurgle when I have sore throats. Also you can smell it when u have a head ache it helps:)

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a miracle

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 20 2007 | Verified Purchase

Wowww ... this oregano oil is just the best, it works miraculously! I had discomfort and dryness in my throat, then I took a couple drops of this oil in a tablespoon of water and drank it. This oil healed and soothed my throat almost instantly, and feel great up to now. Another time I felt my body so aching, then I took this oil in the same way - it set me free and felt great just in seconds. This oil is fantastic!!! Thanks to Now Foods and iHerb for carrying this oil.

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careful use of oregano oil

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 26 2008 | Verified Purchase

My doctor mentioned purchasing empty vegetable gelatin capsules and filling with two to three drops of the oil and hiding capsule in food when taking to prevent irritation of lining of stomach and to increase chances of it being available in the intestines and not the stomach for best effectiveness. Do this twice per day for only a few days or as recommended. He just happened to mentioned this as a precaution for advice to one person. Consult you own health care professional. Just sharing the above to perhaps help. It really does break up lots of phlegm when you have a productive cough. Seems to be good for a lingering cough after the other symptons are gone.

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Posted by iHerb Customer on August 6 2008 | Verified Purchase

i BOUGHT THE EMPTY CAPSULES CUZ THIS STUFF BURNS. I ALSO GOT A HEALTHY OIL SUCH AS FISH OIL TO DILUTE IT WITH AND BOUGHT A DROPPER AT THE STORE AND I MAKE MY OWN MIXTURE. IT SAYS TO DILUTE AND EVEN IN WATER ITS HARD ON THE TONGUE. I use this when i get bladder infections cuz it clears them up right away. and i take it if i suspect i may get one which is too often. it is one of my treasured herbs cuz it works so well and so fast. i also use it for back pain or if i or my husband gets a wound that looks like its getting infected. i used it on my dog cuz she had some kind of large bump on her ear so i dabbed some on and it dried up and disappeared after a couple of days. i also gave her a tiny bit internally when she was peeing blood from an obvious bladder infection. like owner like pet i guess. her bladder infection is gone by the way.

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Simple & powerful cure

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 4 2009 | Verified Purchase

Just today I stopped a sore throat/cough with 1-2 drops in a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil. Melt the oil if solid. Hold in your mouth a bit. Hides the strong burn well and the added benefit of coconut oil... What the Doctors don't want you to know!

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Now Foods, Oregano Oil

Posted by iHerb Customer on June 10 2008 | Verified Purchase

This stuff is super strong. It tastes horrible. Not like the oregano you put on your pizza. 2 drops can ruin a whole quart of tomato juice. Don't get it on your hands and then rub your eyes (or probably any orifice on your body). I put a few drops on a little rag and put it near my basil plants and the leaf miners disappeared. I put another near my cactus and the little black ants that lay their eggs on it decamped. It lends a nice spicy smell to my garden area.

Thanks for your feedback!

great immune booster

Posted by iHerb Customer on March 6 2015 | Verified Purchase

I have a lot of things I take to boost immunity: Vitamin C, Zinc lozenges, Echinacea, astragalus, garlic.....and my big gun, oregano oil. I used to swear by Cold FX until I found this product for a fraction of the price, and it works better. If I start to feel run down, I will take 3 drops in a water bottle cap with water, then quickly chase it down with more water (it is often advised to put the oregano oil in capsules as it can be hard on the stomach). Try to avoid your lips, and to avoid even tasting it, as it is awful! But it works. If I feel I am really fighting off a cold, I will take 5 drops in a capful of water, several times a day---with each meal and then maybe in between meals as well. This, with hot sweaty baths (to create a fever and kill the virus), works amazingly well. Very occasionally, I will find that I have been fighting off a cold for several weeks. My immune boosters keep it from settling in, but I remain feeling run down. At this point I accept that my body just wants to have a cold, so I will forgo the immune boosters and just let it happen. Chinese medicine says that a person who doesn't have a good spring cold is a sick person indeed. Oregano oil is also good for getting rid of stubborn warts, as attested to by many people at my naturopath's office, myself included. Always check the label to make sure you are getting pure oregano oil and not something in a carrier oil. This product is an excellent value.

Thanks for your feedback!

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